Hudson Research & Development

We are a team of multi-disciplinary experts with over 40 years of expertise in developing new and evidence-based HR tools. We are Belgium-based with a global mindset: our tools are used in over 20 countries across the world.


What we stand for

Quality and expertise is an important part of how we develop our products and how we service our clients.


Centre of Excellence

The Research and Development team empowers Hudson, organisations and individuals. 

As a part of the Randstad Groupglobal market leader in HR services, we are able to support companies at every step of their HR lifecycle.


About Tools for Talent

Regardless of where your company is situated, you can rely on our expertise while using Tools for Talent.

We strive to be more than a provider of tools: our goal is to be your partner at every possible step of the process, whether it is tool usage, tool implementation, reporting, training, creation of norm groups, competency measurement, data analysis, or custom developments.


State-of-the-art tools

Our assessment tools and easy-to-use reporting are developed by our own team of experts. They are built on scientific principles and methods and continuously reviewed and updated.

Our highly secure online platforms have been developed and are maintained by our own team of IT experts.


Data security and privacy

Operating in the HR sector involves processing large volumes of personal data, ranging from passwords to candidate data. We protect such data in the most secure way, without compromising on convenience. 

We are GDPR‑compliant and have implemented active and passive security mechanisms. Moreover, we ensure that continued protection of data and data privacy best practices are always at the top of our agenda.



What does a career at Hudson Research & Development look like? 
Learn more about the different positions in our team, or read what our colleagues have to say about this!



Providing all project, planning, training, commercial, invoicing and administrative support to the consultants.


Tools Consultant

Responsible for content development, training, client relationships, HR tools research or project management.


Customer Support Consultant

Providing expert support to client questions regarding our different (tailor made) platforms.

Werken bij Hudson R&S

IT Developer, UX Designer & Product Manager

Technical linking pins for developing, maintaining and securing our tools and platforms.

I am a member of our flex team, while other IT colleagues work specifically on one of our tools. The possibility to find out, for ourselves, what type of work matches our own preferences and abilities is one of the main reasons I love this job and team. And when I say ‘team’, I really mean that we are a team: my colleagues are experts in what they do, and all of us are always willing to pick one another’s brains.
Senior IT developer, 10 years at Hudson R&D.
Back Office is the vital linchpin for the whole R&D department. As a team, we enable our consultants to focus on their content-related tasks, and we are the grease that makes R&D run smoothly. For me, specifically, this means planning and organising training sessions for our own Hudson colleagues, as well as for external clients.
Back Office Assistant Training, 1 year at Hudson R&D.
I am responsible for developing our Tools for Talent and IT platform. I’m an expert in the data analyses and research that we carry out to shape our developments and our strategy. Because the field in which we work evolves so quickly, we need to keep investing to ensure that we can stay up to speed with the latest developments and continuously readjust the course we set out for the coming years.
Consultant Tools for Talent, 6 years at Hudson R&D.
During my first two years, I worked as a writer of simulation exercises. My job today is nothing like it was then: I now work in a coordinating and supporting role for a number of our products, one of which is our Tools for Talent platform. What I really value above all else is being able to work in an environment that allows people to be themselves and encourages them to tap into their full potential. On top of that, these colleagues are also just really fun to hang out with outside of work.
Project Coordination, 8 years at Hudson R&D.
Developing test items and analysing data was what piqued my interest in joining the department, it was not long before I also became actively involved in researching the topics of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion. It is very encouraging when your interest in a specific topic is recognised and valued. Moreover, it feels really rewarding to me that, as a team, we are facilitated to be able to deliver high-quality output.
Consultant Tools for Talent & Though Leadership, 2 years at Hudson R&D.
I am delighted to be part of a smoothly running support team. This allows each of us to work on side projects alongside to our Customer Service work. By alternating between deep work and handling Support tickets, we can maintain a fresh perspective and a customer-oriented mindset. These factors contribute to providing our customers with excellent service, which in turn leads to pleasant contacts and interactions with them.
Consultant Customer Service, 7 years at Hudson R&D.
My main goal as a Director is defining and safeguarding a culture of positivity, openness and inclusion. This is something that requires a lot of time, energy and commitment from both me and my management team. However, I believe that over the years we have seen the fruits of this approach: the people here dare to say and be who they are.
Director Research & Development Department, 20 years at Hudson R&D.

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