All of our reports are immediately available after completion of the test and can automatically be generated via Hudson's CSO platform.

Pulse reporting Expert reporting

Pulse Reporting

Integrated reporting of the results of the various Tools for Talent Pulse instruments in the form of a descriptive report.

Pulse Talent Report

An overview of a participant’s unique talents and their potential pitfalls. This type of report immediately highlights what stands out about that participant or where they might differ from others.

Woman looking at an example of a Pulse report linked to the competency 'integrating'.

Pulse Profile Report

The report gives an overview of the competencies of the participant linked to a predefined profile.

  • Use Hudson's off-the-shelf profile reports
  • Create your own profile using the Hudson 5+1 Competency Model©.
  • Implement your own competency model, competencies or standard profile
Woman looking at an example of a Pulse report linked to the competency 'integrating'.

Pulse and your HR lifecycle

Both Pulse Talent and Profile reporting offer the possibility to generate extra context-related content:

  • Selection: includes interview questions to help define the candidate’s characteristics further. Interview questions are automatically generated based on the scores that the candidate achieves on the exercises.  

  • Development: includes talent tips designed to help the participant exploit their strengths to the fullest.  

  • Coaching: includes coaching advice that can provide inspiration for the ways in which others (e.g. line managers, coaches) can help the participant to exploit his/her capacities to the maximum and avoid possible pitfalls. 

Woman looking at an example of a Pulse report linked to the competency 'integrating'.

Expert reporting

Detailed reporting on exercise level, requires training by Hudson R&D to interpret and use.

Expert Reporting

Every test has its own accompanying Expert report.

The report provides detailed scores and an in-depth insight into the participant's abilities, preferences and/or competencies.

Training by Hudson is required to interpret and use the Expert reports.

Two hands holding a tablet, which shows an example of an expert report of a business attitudes questionnaire.